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Getting started with couldn't be easier. No registration required - simply click the new list button above to make a list, and start typing right away. It's that simple!

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Share your list with the click of a button. Just toss the link to your friends, family members or co-workers, and you're ready to start collaborating on grocery lists, to-do lists and more.

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Work anywhere

Does your device have a web browser? Then it works with Access and edit your lists on your phone, tablet or computer. The lists will sync on all your devices in real-time.

Example of shopping list Example of shopping list

(FAQ) Frequently asked questions

Do you save my lists indefinitely?

No. Every time a list is viewed, changed or updated, we log the timestamp. If a list hasn't been accessed or updated for more than 30 days, it's automatically purged from the system.

Furthermore, we also purge all empty lists(lists that have been created but never changed) every day.

How many lists can I make?

As many as you want! Well almost. We currently support up to 136,325,893,334,400 lists. Theoretically anyway 😉

What about nested lists?

We don't currently support nested lists. This is, however, something we're looking in to.

Can I contribute to the development of

Of course! If you're interested in contributing to the development of, please go ahead and contact me.

Are my lists made public?

We don't publish your lists, however the nature of makes all lists publicly accessible. All you need is the list unique ID.

Do you support API calls?

Not at the moment, no. It is however already on the drawing board, so stay tuned!

Can I export my lists?

Not at this time no.

Would you consider adding due dates and notifications? is not meant to be a todo-list app. Due to the open nature of, this would be inconvenient to implement

Are there any limits as to how many lists I can make?

Yes! We've capped list creation to 1 list per user every 10 seconds. We've also capped items 100 per list.

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